resin stucco for spatolato and textual effects

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Dega Stucco is a versatile product, suitable for floors and spatolato surfaces with a materic and artistic effect. Single-component stucco, non-toxic, contains stones and natural siliceous. Provides excellent adhesion and can be adopted on concrete, tiles, plaster, wood, metal and panels of various kinds, also for vertical applications.

Essential to create the base for resin floors. Dega Stucco can be decorated with Dega Primer and with various pigments, completed with gloss or matt resins finish.

Dega Stucco can be applied directly on all thoroughly cleaned surfaces, using a spatula or other techniques to obtain textures and materic effects. Dega Primer is recommended to improve adhesion and can also be used to dilute Dega Stucco.
Dega Stucco can be used as a base for any decoration with Dega Primer, either neutral or with colors and powders; alternatively it can be colored with universal pigments. Finish with a glossy Poliepo finish or a matt finish with Dega Brek.

Quantity is closely linked to project and type of surface. To create spatolato effects, average quantity is 2-3 Kg/mq with 2-3mm thickness.


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