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High technology content resins.

Resin is one of the most versatile and plastic technical materials serving Architecture and Interiors; interpreter of contemporary life, communicative and aesthetical, rigorous and eclectic, rigid,
soft, transparent, colorful,
shiny and opaque.

With over sixty years of research, innovation and numerous active patents, Gobbetto marks the history of
this material by creating an amazing variety of resins for floors and surface coating.

Gobbetto pioneered the transfer of industrial usage to the architectural, decorative and then to the world
of art, providing a wide range of resins with high performance characteristics
and a variety of effects for residential and contractor use.
Monosint®, Dega Spatolato, Dega Carpet, Dega Art, Gobbetto Dega Energy®, Flexint®, Poliepo Biolux®
Biolux provide a multiplicity of options to obtain stone or spatulate finishes, in micro-cement, soft
or magnetic, artistic or custom and personalized special effects in color palettes.