Art Kit Poliepo

Resins for artistic surfaces


The Art Kit Poliepo is designed to create works of art, panels and furnishing accessories. The Kit comes with Dega Primer, Dega Stucco for texture and stone effect; with Poliepo® GC 505 Extra for glazing finish.


Using a roller or a brush apply Dega Primer; with a spatula lay Dega Stucco then use Poliepo®. Decorate and color Poliepo® directly with colors and powders or create a decoration on the resulting substrate using Dega Stucco; then apply transparent Poliepo®.


Quantity varies according to the decoration project. Mini kit allows decoration of about 1 mq; standard kit about 3 mq. Available in two different size: mini Art kit (1 lt Dega Primer, 1 kg Dega Stucco, 1.5 kg Poliepo Extra 505) and (1 lt Dega Primer, 6 kg Dega Stucco, 3 kg Poliepo GC Extra).