Serving Architects, Designers and Artists for over 60 years.

Many active patents, the result of ongoing technological innovation in the quest to find new resin applications for architecture, interior design and art.

From residence to contractor lines, Gobbetto expanded the application boundaries of this material through a fruitful dialogue with Architects, Designers and Artists, to create custom projects.

Floor, wall and custom surfaces capable of multiple interpretations and different expressive languages.

Surfaces and Products

Resins for floors and surfaces, aesthetic, performing, declined in numerous variants: Monosint®, Dega Spatolato, Dega Carpet, Dega Art, Gobbetto Dega Energy®, Flexint®, Poliepo Biolux®, provide some of the Gobbetto options, all to be discovered.

Art and Design



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Academy Gobbetto

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Milano Design Week: Save the (Dega) Green Energy

Milano Design Week: Save the (Dega) Green Energy

From the 6th to the 12th of June Milan will host the Design Week, one of the most important events in the capital city that attracts not only national and international experts and professionals of the field, but also design and architecture lovers. These are...

The most frequently questions about epoxy resin: Q&A

The most frequently questions about epoxy resin: Q&A

1. What is epoxy resin? It’s a polymer consisting of two components, a base and a catalyst, which solidify with air when they are mixed together.To obtain the solid effect it is important to consider the right proportions; the instructions are usually on the box....