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High technology content resins.

Gobbetto Dega Energy®

The first patented, energy-saving magnetic resin. Gobbetto Dega Energy® is a paste product, non-toxic, solvent-free, bi- component; enriched with pigments, fibrous and metallic charges, radioactive-waste free.

Suitable for floor and vertical coating, it improves thermal conduction and can provide a good insulation barrier from magnetic waves. Applied to floors with radiant panels, it improves thermal efficiency and heat diffusion.

For interiors, Gobbetto Dega Energy® allows magnetic fixing of home decor and furnishing items, using special magnets, thus avoiding holes for nails or dowels and maintaining the integrity of the surface.

Transparent resin finishes, thick lining

Installation instructions

Apply a coat of Dega Primer on the surface to treat.
Then,using a spatula proceed to lay a millimetric coat of Gobbetto Dega Energy®.
The following day, when the applied layer is dry, proceed with a further leveling.
This product can be pigmented with coloring paste and decorations.