High technology content resins.

Dega Art

The alchemy of resin finds its total freedom of interpretation in the Dega Art line. Fluid material suitable to create decorative and artistic surfaces, with no limits in both creativity and workmanship. Experimentation and a play of colours, of patterns and finishes, shape and colours, go on scene. Floors, wall coatings, interior elements, artwork and a variety of items become highly customized projects.

DEGA ART Line: monolithic surface resins for floors and wall covering, specific for residential and commercial projects. The thixotropic property allows the use of Dega Art for vertical applications with no drips.

The Dega Art line extreme flexibility consents the creation of artworks and the coating of items and complements with a strong artistic flair. Multiple aesthetic effects can be achieved using mixed techniques and colours and by inserting decorative elements and powders. A glossy or matte finish can be obtained with a clear thin film finish or a glazing thick top coat. A 2-3 mm of thickness offers high resistance and waterproofing.

Interni Esterni Alto Calpestio Resistente all'acqua Atossico Antibatterico Ignifugo

Installation instructions

Apply Dega Primer to ensure bonding.
Level the surface with Dega Stucco using a smooth trowel. Create your decor through different techniques and the application of colours, pigments and decorative powders.
Dega Plastic can also be applied as a leveler before the artistic decor.
To finish the Dega Art process you can apply a thin film of clear sealer or a thick high gloss top coat. On walls use the Poliepo Tixo to obtain a thicker coating.
The installation procedure requires an average of 7 days. A technical inspection of the underlayment is recommended.

An anthology of references, hues and materials. Flooring, coverings and continuous surfaces with different expressive styles, illustrating the infinite application possibilities for architecture and interiors, for design and art.
The color palette is a balanced proposal between natural and more decisive chromatic declinations, where the resin lights up spaces and surfaces through colour.

The contemporary language of resin. The new Gobbetto catalogue.

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