Kit Kristal Pietra

The DIY kit inspired by the ancient Paleolithic era


Kristal Pietra is a resin plaster based on natural inerts and recycled organic compounds to create a materic aspect to surfaces. Suitable to cover tables, flatbeds; for small floor or wall sections, whether concrete, ceramic, wood or iron. Kristal Pietra is a quick to use kit to create stone effect spatulates, with satin finish.


Clean and dry-sand surface, apply Dega Primer using roller or brush. Using a spatula lay Dega Pietra then finish with Dega Alfa (A + B) applied with roller or brush.


Quantity may vary according to the surface to cover. The complete kit covers about 3/4 mq. The kit includes: 1 lt Dega Primer, 6 kg Dega Pietra, 700 gr Dega Alfa (A + B).