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Monosint® Self-leveling

Two-component self-levelling product


Monosint® self-leveling is a two-component product for monolithic and monochrome flooring. A self-levelling product based on non- toxic modified resins, developed for high-traffic public areas requiring constant sanitation, such ad hospitals, surgery rooms, dental clinics and showrooms.

Wear and chemicals resistant; it is waterproof, hygienic, antibacterial and easy to clean. Also available for industrial use in the three- component version.


Resination made by specialized personnel and applied on clean and prepared substrate using a spatula. Mix thoroughly A + B in the weight ratio of 1 part component A and 0.5 part component B (e.g. 1 kg component A and 0.5 kg component B). Color the mixture in the desired colour with special epoxy dye paste in about 10% proportion.


For 2-3 mm thick floors: 1 mm thickness equal to 1.5 kg/mq of product. Available (A + B kit) in 18 kg size pack.