Rasante Dega Monosint®

Epoxy leveller for high pedestrian-trafic spatulates


Rasante Dega Monosint® is a three-component resin product,solvent- free and odourless, with excellent adhesion and mechanical strength, used as a preparation to enhance adhesion of resins on various supports. Apply Rasante Dega Monosint® prior to the Dega line coatings. Alternatively can be used as flooring by spreading two coats to eliminate spotting of joints, followed by two coats of Dega Gamma Eco/TR as finish.


Clean and if necessary mill the part to be treated. Mix component A with component B; add a thin trickle of component C while mixing in the following weight proportions:

  • component A | 4,5 kg
  • component B | 1,5 kg componente
  • component C | 16 kg


Quantity varies according to thickness; Average consumption is 2.5-3 kg/mq for 2 mm thickness (equal to two coats).

Available (A + B + C kit) in 22 kg size pack.