two- component transparent resin

A partire da 64,05 


Two-component resin, transparent and solvent-free, excellent resistance to scratch, wear and water. Available in gloss or satin version.

To protect and coat a variety of surfaces. Suitable for outdoor and areas in contact with water such as terraces, pools, showers, etc.

Mix in the proportion 1 part A to 0.4 part B ( e.g. 1 kg A; 0.4 kg B ) before using. Apply by roller, brush or spray.

Average quantity 250gr/sqm for two coats, depending on porosity of the surface.

Two-component (A+B) gloss/satin kit:

  • Dega Alfa 1,4 Kg
  • Dega Alfa 7 Kg
  • Dega Alfa 14 Kg