super shiny and super mirror-effect epoxy resin.

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Poliepo GC 503 Lux is a two-component, transparent and crystalline epoxy resin, perfect for a final finish, to achieve mirror-like surfaces with no opacity, vitrified, or as a last polishing cast to complete high-thickness finish with Poliepo GC 506.

Suitable for a variety of surfaces, from wood to metal, from stone to fabric, Poliepo 503 Lux is recommended for artistic floors, furniture, design items, finest surfaces, panels and art work .

Self-leveling product.. Carefully mix components A and B: mixing ratio by weight is 1 part component A and 0.6 part component B ( e.g.1 kg component A and 0.6 kg component B). Pour slowly over the surface then spread using a smooth or toothed spatula. Avoid application on damp days and at temperatures below 12° C. It is advisable to apply Dega Primer before proceeding with Poliepo on smooth surfaces such as Dibond aluminum panels.

For thick lacquering, a quantity of about 1.5 kg/ smq is recommended. Apply with backlight to check uniformity and good leveling. The average casting thickness is 2-3 mm, multiple castings can be made to create depth effects.

Two-component (A+B) Kit:

  • Poliepo 503 Lux 1,6Kg
  • Poliepo 503 Lux 3,2Kg
  • Poliepo 503 Lux 8Kg (Only online )
  • Poliepo 503 Lux 16Kg

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