transparent epoxy resin for high thickness

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Poliepo GC 506 is a transparent water-effect resin, used for high-thickness casting in a single pour, thanks to its low exothermicity. Two-component and crystalline, excellent resistance to UV rays, to yellowing and wear.

Poliepo GC 506 is perfect for the production of tables, design items, lamps and sculptures; to inlay objects, images and inserts of different materials, from wood to glass, from steel to plastic.

Self-leveling product.. Carefully mix part A with part B, in the proportion 1 part A to 0.3 part B by weight ( e.g. 1 kg A + 0.3 kg B ). Use a mixer drill or a rectangular-section stick to thoroughly mix the resin near the container walls. It is recommended to decant eventually in another container, to obtain perfect homogenizing. Due to slow catalysis and minimum hardening time of 24 hours, it is not suitable for thicknesses below 1 cm.

Thickness suggested for each casting varies according to the size of each item. Quantities vary according to thickness: average quantity is 1.2 Kg/ smq for 1 mm thickness. For medium-small items, the thickness of 10 cm in a single casting is possible. For more voluminous objects, such as tables, it is preferable to make casts of 3-4 cm at a time.

Two-component (A+B) Kit:

  • Poliepo GC 506 Kg 1,3
  • Poliepo GC 506 Kg 6,5 (Only online)
  • Poliepo GC 506 Kg 13