universal transparent protective resin

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Dega Brek is a transparent, one-component, gloss or matt protective resin, suitable to protect and coat a variety of surfaces, from wood to iron, from plaster to painting. A simple, non-toxic and thin-film finish. Retains the original feature of surfaces on which is applied. Offers exceptional resistance to scratches and yellowing.

Dega Brek is the perfect protection for Dega Line floors.

One-component ready-to-use product. Apply by roller or brush.
2-3 coats are recommended, 2-3 hours apart.

Average quantity is 0.250 Kg/ smq, for two coats.

Kit matte/glossy:

  • Dega Brek 1 kg
  • Dega Brek 5 kg
  • Dega Brek 10 kg