fine resin-based stucco

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One-component resin based plaster, suitable to obtain fine and smooth surfaces or to create materic effects and decorative textures. A versatile product, perfect also for vertical application. Non- toxic, based on resin, stones and natural siliceous, Kristal Stucco can be used neutral or colored with acrylic pigments or universal dyes.

Clean surface and apply Dega primer to improve adherence. Once dry, dry-sand and procede to apply a second coat of Kristal Stucco. To protect the surface, use Dega Brek finish or other Dega Line finish. Dega Primer can also be used to dilute Kristal Stucco.

Quantity varies according to the type of substrate and operation to be carried out. Average quantity about 1-1.2 Kg/ smq per coat.


  • Kristal Stucco Kg 1
  • Kristal Stucco Kg 3
  • Kristal Stucco Kg 10
  • Kristal Stucco Kg 25