course duration: 1 h and 30 minutes



A basic course for those who want to approach resination techniques for the first time. To acquire at a technical and application level the basics of vitrified resins and their preparation. To understand the infinite potential of this material.

An online course modulated in two parts; a first theory focused introductory part – historical introduction and overview of products and their technical features. A practical part held by a Master who will assist participants, experimenting the different applying possibilities.
After attending the course, Gobbetto issues a certificate of attendance with a complimentary “DIY” kit to participants.
The basic course is an introduction to the next level for installers.

Course program

Theory Session

  • Types of self-levelling vitrified resins
  • Resins and their applications: areas, substrates and application
  • Description of materials and demo videos
  • Primers, plasters for substrate and for texture, vitrified resin
  • Preparation of Dibond, wood and cement funds
  • Application cycles
  • Compatible colors
  • Metal powders, mother of pearl, universal dyes, concentratesi
  • Equipment and tools

Practice Session

  • video with the practical production of artistic finish on panel 3×1.5 mt; preparation on a Dibond panel; mixing and colouring of resin
  • Final applying with coloured vitrified resins
    Video with practical production of artistic blue, mother of pearl, silver and glitter finish: preparation of resin and colors; applying resin on Dibond panels.
  • Video for making champagne mix finish: preparation of resin and colours; applying resin on Dibond panel.

Material used:

Dega Primer
Dega Stucco
Poliepo 505 Extra

Course Kit includes:

  • Dega Primer lt 1
  • Dega Stucco kg 1
  • Poliepo 505 Extra kg 1,5
  • Pannel in Dibond
  • Spatula to apply Dega Stucco/ Poliepo
  • Scraper
  • Brush
  • Small roller
  • Plastic jar
  • Sand paper

The course offers:

  • Reviewing at any time from any device of videos of the course. Accessing all course updates
  • Joining the Gobbetto Facebook Academy group for advice, assistance, posting of photos and videos of personal work
  • Receiving the Gobbetto Academy certificate of attendance
  • Downloading all products technical data.
  • Organizing a video-call with a specific Gobbetto technician.
  • €100 off a minimum order of €200