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magnetic stucco

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Gobbetto Dega Energy is a patented resin with magnetic properties. Usable both on vertical and floor surfaces. suitable for fixing accessories and furnishing items to walls, using magnets to keep walls intact from holes, nails and dowels. When applied to floors with radiant panels, Dega Energy improves thermal efficiency and heat diffusion, thanks to its conductive properties.

Dega Energy is a bi-component metal-based product, free of radioactive waste. Basic color is anthracite gray. Different colours can be obtained by adding universal and acrylic pigments.

Clean the surface and apply Dega Primer to improve grip. Mix the two components A + B in proportion 1*2 ( e.g. 1 kg A + 2 kg B ). Apply Gobbetto Dega Energy in millimetric coating, using a spatula. Once the product is dry, dry-sand and apply a second layer. It is possible to protect the surface with transparent Dega Brek.

Quantity strictly connected to type of operation and substrate. Average quantity is 2.5 kg/ smq per coat.

Two-component (A+B) Kit:

  • Dega Energy 3 Kg
  • Dega Energy 6 Kg
  • Dega Energy 12 Kg