Universal Primer for all surfaces

Starting from 16,47 


Single-component Dega-Primer is an essential foundation to be applied before using Dega line products, to create floor and wall coating with Gobbetto resin.

Perfect gripper and fixative for color, of powder pigments and decorations; greatly improves adhesion to supports and surfaces to be coated; consolidates crumbling parts, and ensures perfect adherence, avoiding any alteration. Dega Primer can also be used on smooth surfaces such as Dibond aluminum panels.

Used as a primer to enhance adhesion, apply Dega Primer directly on previously cleaned surfaces, using a roller or a brush. For decoration, mix with universal colors, acrylic or powders and spread with brushes, tampons, sponges or with other suitable tools to create a variety of artistic effects. Dega Primer can be used as a Dega Stucco thinner.

Yield varies according to absorbency of substrate. For floors of the Dega line average quantity is 0,400 Lt/ mq.


  • Dega Primer lt 1
  • Dega Primer lt 5
  • Dega Primer lt 10