In the last years and especially in areas where temperatures are particularly rigid, we have assisted at the boom of radiant heating under the screed. This type of heating has the particularity of working with not high, but continuous and constant temperatures.

But can a resin floor be laid on a screed with radiant heating?

We can say with certainty that this laying is appropriate and convenient.

In fact, the low thickness of the floors in our Dega Gobbetto line facilitates the conduct of heat. Imagine how much isolating and obstacle to heat exchange, a wooden floor of one centimeter and a half thickness or a one centimeter gres.

From the stylistic and technical research, now the philosophy of the Gobbetto, a product Dega Energy has been born a few years, which, among others, seems to fully respond to such needs.

It is in fact a two-component magnetic resin, fruit of an innovative patented technology, enriched with pigments, fibrous, quartz and metallic charges, respecting an ecological line, free from solvents and surprising radactive conductive properties.

This product is an ideal solution for floors and wall coverings and supports of various nature, improving the thermal conductivity to the radiant panels and providing an isolation barrier to electromagnetic waves. Also an intelligent method used in civil building for magnetic fixing of accessories and furnishings with specific magnets, avoiding punches and the use of nails or plugs, keeping the surface integrity. Clearly, before laying, you must have already done the testing of the system and have prepared the screed with a dust of resin and quartz to isolate any condensation produced by the system itself.

An anthology of references, hues and materials. Flooring, coverings and continuous surfaces with different expressive styles, illustrating the infinite application possibilities for architecture and interiors, for design and art.
The color palette is a balanced proposal between natural and more decisive chromatic declinations, where the resin lights up spaces and surfaces through colour.

The contemporary language of resin. The new Gobbetto catalogue.

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