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Poliepo Biolux is a non-toxic, solvent free, luminescent epoxy resin, studied to, while in darkness, release the energy captured from being previously exposed to a light source.

This energy is in the form of green or blue light. For resin floor and wall, Poliepo Biolux is available both in the self leveling version and in the paint-like Dega Biolux, which can also be applied by spray.

Biolux resin is suitable to illuminate future cycle and pedestrian paths (combined with our Dega Carpet), as well as signs, without the need of electrical implants, reducing the number of accidents caused by the absence of light. Its renewability and cleanness will lead to great energy savings. Poliepo Biolux (epoxy resin) can obviously be used for building and furnishing purposes, but advertising companies can also benefit. Thanks to its phosphorescent properties, Dega Biolux allows for the creation of playful and/or functional decorative surfaces and signs, ideal for environments characterized by darkness and or dim lighting.

We at Gobbetto, always sensible to the theme of eco-sustainability, are continuing our “Green Resin” project with the creation of new products studied for architecture and design.

gobbetto resin biolux

An anthology of references, hues and materials. Flooring, coverings and continuous surfaces with different expressive styles, illustrating the infinite application possibilities for architecture and interiors, for design and art.
The color palette is a balanced proposal between natural and more decisive chromatic declinations, where the resin lights up spaces and surfaces through colour.

The contemporary language of resin. The new Gobbetto catalogue.

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