The Basilea Cultural Center


The artist Raymundo Sesma tell “I’m an artist who likes to experiment. Five years ago, I started painting architectures. Resin interests me as a material for its technical qualities, as well as for the ability to interact with it in sculptural and artistic terms. Nel 2007, per la Fiera d’arte contemporanea di Basilea, ho dipinto la gru portuale Campo Expandido VII. A technical problem had to be overcome,

because the crane had been exposed to the elements for nearly 40 years and was extremely rusted. So, we thoroughly cleaned it and then immediately applied resin. If we had used a different material, we would have had to apply a base first and then paint it.
With Gobbetto’s resin, we could use a single product, thanks to a resin component that Gobbetto’s chemist specially designed. The result is amazing, incorporating the rust itself into the structure’s finish”.