Dega Gamma Per Spolvero


Preparation for undercoats: Dega® Gamma per spolvero is a three-component specific formula to pretreat surfaces. Restores existing imperfect and deteriorated porous substrates, small tile joints, brittled cement, panel and outdoor heating.


Specific product for the preparation of the substrate.


Clean thoroughly and remove grease from the surface to be treated.

Mix the three components A + B + C in proportion by weight: 1 part component A, 1.7 parts component B and 1.7 parts component C ( e.g. 1 kg component A, 1.7 kg component B, 1.7 kg component C ). Apply with medium hair roller or brush.

As soon as the product is laid, without waiting for it to dry, proceed to add quartz , hand-dusting it.


Quantity varies according to substrate. Average quantity of Dega® Gamma Eco is 0.15 – 0.20 kg/mq and for quartz 0.30 – 0.50 kg/mq.
Available ( A + B + C kit) in 2.150kg and 15kg size pack.