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Dega® Art


Surfaces for resin floors and coatings obtained with mixed techniques and variously assorted inserted decorations.
The esthetical effects are impressed by hand, in a wide range of colours – bright, matt, satin finish. Medium thickness 2-3 mm. Good features of resistance to wear and foot traffic – easy cleaning. Suitable for residences, offices, showrooms.

The products used for its accomplishment are:

DEGA PLAST PRIMERDEGA PLAST STUCCODEGA PLASTIC (finitura semilucida) – DEGA GAMMA ECO/DEGA BREK ( finitura protettiva) – POLIEPO (finsh effect vetrify glossy)

Laying indications:

On the clean surface, apply DEGA PLAST PRIMER for adhesion.
Smoothing surface with DEGA PLAST STUCCO by spatula; decoration realized with mixed techniques and drafting of different transparent finishes DEGA GAMMA ECO/TR or DEGA BREK.

N.B. it’s possible varnish the surface with tichness epoxy resin POLIEPO to have a vetrified glossy effect.

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