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Resin floors

As for its own very functional nature, flooring can only be the center and the characterizing heart of every architectural project. With its characteristics, it doesn’t only defines the space, but coincides with it and it is therefore natural that in the history of architecture every era and every civilization has conceived a technique and a style that reflects its values ​​and its ideals. It has always been like this, on the other hand, since the earliest times, from the Greek-Roman classicism with its mosaic floors, to the large marble inlays of medieval and modern cathedrals. We finally arrive to the resin floors of today with its all-round qualities that respond to the new needs of contemporary times.

Rigid or soft, transparent and colored, glossy or opaque, feminine, communicative, aesthetic, the resin tells today’s man his needs and ambitions better than any other material.
Among the first to understand this, a pioneer in Italy and the world, is Giancarlo Gobbetto, founder of Gobbetto Resine, for sixty years at the forefront with his research in the field of thermosetting resins and micro cements, holder of countless patents.
A man who marks the history of the material, inventing its most surprising variations. The first one to take the material applications from a mainly industrial use to decorative and architectural purpose. Giancarlo Gobbetto, thanks to his experience, offers solutions to create resin floors that reach to top of all their possible qualities.

For resin floors laid with a trowel, made with traditional technique that creates monolithic surfaces with strong or light spatula effects, Dega® Spatolato Gobbetto has exceptional characteristics of resistance to wear and tear thanks to the high percentage of resin content. Easy to clean, this resin floor is suitable for any environment with high traffic that does not want to give up elegance and suggestions. The Gobbetto materials of this line are ideal to create monolithic resin floors, with effects ranging from stone lookalike to more essential and personalized ones. A glossy, matte or satin finish and the average thicknesses of 2-3 mm give the material a extraordinary estate.
Particularly suitable for showrooms, shops, offices, homes.

The Monosint line, made with thermo-hardening resins for waterproof acid-resistant surfaces, can withstand any wear and tear, particularly suitable for application in industrial environments, food or pharmaceutical companies, car showrooms and hospital departments.
Also the Dega Carpet line, designed for outdoor spaces, is perfect for creating bicycle paths and for the resin flooring of driveways, public parks and play areas.

Furthermore, Gobbetto Resine, thanks to the experience gained through collaboration with some of the greatest artists on the international scene, has developed over the years a specific line for resin flooring aimed at the world of art.
The Dega Art line, mixed technique, guarantees infinite aesthetic effects, with a very wide range of finishes, colors and material solutions for anyone who wants to make their environment a work of art. For the Dega Art line, in which Gobbetto places imagination as the only limit, Gobbetto Resine offers a formidable series of innovative materials, the result of incessant experimental research, always looking towards the future, such as Dega Energy, its latest patent, with the ability to guarantee consistent energy savings; or Kristal Pietra, a resin-based stucco that, combined with natural bases, gives the resin floors a unique appearance, which opens up to a new concept of eco sustainable materials.
Flexint, a soft, flexible and elastic resin, ideal not only for soft resin floors, but also for covering armchairs and various objects; and again the revolutionary Biolux, with fluorescent properties that glows in the dark. And Street Spot, designed to create different and captivating urban advertising campaigns.
Gobbetto resins. Always on the lookout.


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