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The experimental field in which Gobbetto revolves provides a path that focuses on the research and solutions for architects, artists and designers over the thermosetting resins since the 60’s Gobbetto’s activity is dedicated to the developing of high technology systems and techniques that can creates surfaces and backgrounds, with the ability to highlight contents, artistic languages and communication, expressed trough the plasticity of the resin materials.
Monosint®, Dega® Art,Dega®Spatolato, Dega®Carpet and Flexint® represent the evolution in the field of innovative surfaces suitable for outdoor and indoor floorings and coatings.


In 2016, the revolutionary innovation Floating Resin Panels®: Customizable resin panels, lightweight, waterproof and creative, high-impact effect and suitable to fit the needs of architects, designers and the final client.
Mineral Resin, the latest proposal by Gobbetto for architecture. Evolution of the line Dega Monosint® is the result of a new technique application, with Mineral Resin the company explores new possibilities for resin using expressing all his capacity in the experimental area.

Catalog 2019

60 YEARS OF Gobbetto Resin:
between art and technological innovation

Until the late 50s  resins were used mostly for the construction of boats and airplanes. This is the period in which Gobbetto was born. As a matter of fact, it was actually during those years, between the 50s and 60s, that the company led by Giancarlo Gobbetto patented the first line of monolithic resins called Monosint®, which were ideal for floors, walls and general surface coatings for the industrial purpose, made to meet the needs of the construction industry of food and pharmaceutical business.
For this Gobbetto presented two new lines for interiors: Dega®Art and Dega®Spatolato, which can be used to obtain spatula effect and for decorations with customizable colours. Furthermore this allowed the company to become well established in the area of civil architecture for homes, offices and retail space.
During those years, the company was experiencing great production growth that leads to the introduction of the exterior line called Dega®Carpet.
Into the third millennium is a time of great design for Gobbetto.
The impossible becomes possible. Resin becomes the essential material used by creatives from around the world.