High technology content resins.

Dega Spatolato Microcement

A resin for floor and vertical coating applied with a spatula using traditional techniques, for monolithic surfaces with a more or less pronounced spatula effect. Provides a wide range of finishes, from stone to essential; customized, glossy, matt or satin. Medium thickness of 2-3 cm to ensure an excellent seal. Dega Spatolato offers very high resistance to wear and to pedestrian traffic.
Areas of application: residential, showroom, shops, offices and high pedestrian traffic premises.
Also suitable for outdoor use.

Installation instructions

On a properly cleaned surface, apply Dega Primer for anchoring. Apply a first layer of Dega Stucco, Dega Rock or Dega Stucco Diorite with a smooth spatula: repeat operation 2 or 3 times to obtain spatula effects. Sand surface with dry grit paper, then apply 2/3 coats of transparent protective finish.