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Dega Gamma for dusting


Dega Gamma for dusting: Dega® Gamma Per Spolvero is a tricomponent formulated for porous, slightly degraded grounds, thin joint tiles, friable cement, underfloor heating and outdoor coatings.



Specific product for bottom preparation.



Dega Gamma for dusting: Carefully clean and degrease the surface to be treated. Carefully mix components A + B + C in weight ratio of: 1 part of component A, 1,7 parts of component B, 1,7 parts of component C (example: 1kg compo. A, 1,7 kg comp. B, 1,7 kg comp. C), apply with medium pile roller or with brush.
Spread Dega® Gamma Ecoand, still fresh, sow the quartzes just scattering them by hand.



Consumption depends on absorption by the supporting layer; as average for Dega® Gamma Eco 0,15-0,20 kg/sqm and for quartzes 0,30-0,50 kg/sqm.
Available packaging: (kit A + B + C) 2,150 kg, 15kg.
Disponibile in confezioni (kit A + B + C) da 2,150 kg., 15kg.

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