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Amalgama Poliepo


Resin floor: Resiniferous tricomponent formulation, with excellent adhesion qualities and resistence to chemicals and mechanical wear.



For the repair and restoration of concrete or tiled underlayer that present with break-up or disintegration phenomena.
The resulting surface of the resin floor is also esthetically pleasing.



Amalgama Resina Poliepo: To be laid down by adequately trained staff.
Mix the three components A+B+C in weight ratio of: 1 part of component A, 0,6 parts of component B and add slowly 3,2 parts of component C (example: 1 kg comp. A, 0,6 kg comp. B, 3,2 parts of comp. C).
The laying is to be carried out by using ” american spatulas “.
Epoxy Self-leveling product.



Average consumption is approx 1.6-2kg/sq.-m.
packs are as ( A+B+C+ ) kits, from 10,5 kg.

Amalgama Data Sheet