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Poliepo 501


Resin Floors – POLIEPO® GC 501 is a compound of epoxy resins, solvent-free, not toxic, specially designed for the protective treatment of containment tanks, basements, interior and exteriors floors, pipes, water treatment plants.


Coating and varnishing floors and surfaces with high glossy casting effect.


Resin Floors – POLIEPO® GC 501: Self-levelling product. Mix carefully components A and B in weight ratio of: 1 part of component A and 0,6 part of component B (eg: 1 kg comp. A and 0,6 kg. comp. B).
Slowly pour on the surface and spread with a smooth or toothed spatula. Do not apply in case of damp surface or with temperature below 15°C.


The approximate consumption is 0,250/1,500 kg/sqm. depending on surface condition. Poliepo® GC 501 can also be used fot the execution of protective treatments reinforced glass fiber (MAT) and with addition of quartz fillers. Available packaging: (Kit A + B) 3,5 kg, 16 kg.

Poliepo 501 Data Sheet