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Monosint A+B+C


Resin floorings: Monolithic autolevelling flooring, based on formulated resins. It resists the aggression by chemical products and wear. Water-proof and easy to clean.


To coat surfaces requiring cleaning and resistance to the mechanical wear. Suitable for warehouses, laboratories, supermarkets, electronics assemble plants, etc.


Mix the component A and B, after add component C slowly. The weight ratio is: 10 parts of comp. A, 0,5 parts of comp. B and 12 parts of comp. C. Mix from time to time to avoid quartz sedimentation. The mixture will then be colored in the desired color with a special coloring paste.
Effected by qualified or duly educated operators. Apply on clean and prepared supports by means of a notched spatula


Floor’s thickness is 2-3 mm. 1 mm thickness corresponds to 1,5 kg/sqm of product. Minimum packaging: 27 kg.

Monosint Autolivellante A+B+C Data Sheet