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Rasante Dega Monosint


Resin floors: Rasante Dega® Monosint is a three-component resin compound, solvent-free, odorless, with excellent adhesion and mechanical resistance characteristics.


Rasante Dega Monosint can be used as a preparation for adhesion on various types of supports (cement, porcelain stoneware, ceramic, sheet metal, wood, etc.) Apply before Dega® Line coatings or as flooring (in two coats to cover up any joints; we recommend a suitable color) and following the coats of Rasante Dega® Monosint two coats of Dega® Gamma Eco / TR as a finish


Rasante Dega Monosint: Clean, degrease and, if necessary, mill the part to be treated. Mix component A with component B and then add component C in a thin trickle, stirring in a weight ratio of 4,5 parts of component A, 1,5 parts of component B and 16 parts of component C (example: 4,5 kg comp. A, 1,5 kg. comp. B and 16 kg. comp. C).


Consumption varies according to thickness; average consumption 2,5 / 3 Kg./mq x 2 mm thick (2 coats).
Available in packs (A + B + C) of 22 Kg.

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