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Dega Rock


Resin Flooring: DEGA® ROCK 50 : Solvent-free (non-toxic), bicomponent resinfiller in paste form, based on modified copolymer synthetic resins, charged with hydraulic binders.DEGA® ROCK 25 :Solvent-free (non-toxic), bicomponent resin filler in paste form, based on modified copolymer synthetic resins, charged with hydraulic binders, fibrous and quartz lamellar extenders with fine and controlled grain size. Its thixotropic characteristic makes it suitable even for vertical applications without dripping.


DEGA® ROCK 50 (intermediate top coat plaster) of a good degree of hardness and insensitive to water, gives the finished floor a natural rocky stone look. If you wish to smooth the surface, we recommend a coat or two of DEGA ROCK 25 (fine top coat plaster) following mechanical sanding of the surface and the preventive application of DEGA® PRIMER.
They can be used specifically in the floor-covering sector where a good degree of hardness is required because of intense foot traffic such as in bars, restaurants, warehouses, supermarkets; they can also be used for outdoor flooring such as terraces, porches, pool decks or rooms that are washed with water, e.g. bathrooms, changing rooms, showers, etc.


DEGA ROCK: Carefully clean the intervention areas and apply the product with a smooth spatula, after using DEGA® PRIMER anchoring agent. Then apply two to three 1 mm coats of DEGA ROCK 50: two components to mix in weight rate of 4 parts of A component and 20 parts of B component (example: 4 kg comp. A and 20 kg comp B).
Smooth if desired with Dega Rock 25 after sanding and applying DEGA® PRIMER. Dega Rock 25 is consisting of two components to mix in weight rate of: 5 parts of A component and 17 parts of B component (example: 5 kg comp. A and 17 kg comp.B). To change the density of the product depending on the type of application DEGA® PRIMER may be added to the mixture until the desired viscosity is obtained.
Use DEGA® GAMMA ECO/TR or DEGA® BREK as protective finish.
It may be tinted using universal pigments.


The yield is closely tied to the type of intervention to be carried out on the support. For textured finishes or floors of the DEGA® line, the average consumption is 3 kg/sq m, thickness 2 or 3 mm.DEGA ROCK 50 Available in 24 kg packages
DEGA ROCK 25 Available in 22 kg packages

Dega Rock 25 Data Sheet
Dega Rock 50 Data Sheet