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Dega Gamma Eco/TR


Resin fooring: Transparent resiniferous product having a crystalline aspect; odourless and with excellent mechanical resistence features.
Suitable for various surfaces.


Indicated feer the transparent protection of DEGA line coatings; spatulated; clouded, etc. Particularly suitable for coatings in shops, showroom, public venues, etc.


Mix carefully the three components A+B+C, the mixing ratio by weight is: 1 part of component A, 1 part of component B anc 1 part of component C (exemple: 1 kg comp. A, 1 kg of comp. B and add slowly 1 kg of comp. C). Apply with roller, brush or spray. For best results spread 2 coats and protect with Floor Plus.


Coating extent is closely linked to the type of supporting layer.
Average consumption is 0.250 kg/sqm. Packs are 2kg, 4kg, 15kg.

Dega Gamma Eco TR DATA SHEET