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Gel Coat


Resin Floors – GEL COAT: Gel Coat is a epoxy, solvent free, non-toxic compound, developed for the impregnation and the finishing of coverings and Dega Monosint floor (glossy film finishing).


Suitable for the transparent protection of coverings and Dega Monosint line floors; to reach a better aesthetic look put a finishing touch with Dega Brek.
Particularly suitable for vertical coverings.


Resin Floors – GEL COAT: Mixing the two components in weight ratio of: 1 part of component A and 0,5 part of component B (example: 1 kg comp. A, 0,5 kg comp B).
Apply with a roller or a brush to let the product penetrate the plaster porosities and to level the surface.
About 12 hours later a second application can be made, if requested.


Average consumption of 0,2 kg/sqm each coating layer.
Available packaging (Kit A + B) of 3 kg, 6 kg, 15 kg.

Poliepo Gel Coat Data Sheet