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Dega Poliepo GC 505 Extra


Resin Floors – Poliepo GC 505 Extra: Poliepo® GC 505 Extra is an epoxy resin two-component, solvent-free, not toxic, deliberately suitable for a “varnishing” finish of resin floors, civil and residential.


To cover and varnish floors and surfaces – glazing casting effect. The base resins that constitute our epoxy POLIEPO GC 505 Extra have been specifically selected in order to secure very good transparency and resistance to UV rays, an easy application, a good mechanical and usage resistance for your own resin floor.


Resin Floors – Poliepo GC 505 Extra: epoxy Self-levelling product. Mix carefully components A and B in weight ratio of: 1 part of component A and 0,5 part of component B (example: 1 kg comp. A, 0,5 kg comp B).
Slowly pour on the surface to treat and help levelling with a smooth or notched spatula. Do not use in case of dampness; apply on dry surfaces – temperature not below 15°C.

Ideal for resin floor and artwork.


For Dega Art floors, two coating layers are advisable. Smoothly apply the first layer and the second one to reach the thickness desired: 1 mm thickness requires 1 kg/sqm. Average consumption: 1,8 – 2,0 kg/sqm. Available packaging: (Kit A + B) 1,5 kg, 3 kg,

Poliepo GC 505 Extra Data Sheet