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Dega Poliepo GC 503 Lux


Resin Floors – Poliepo® GC 503 LUX is a compound of epoxy resins, solvent-free, not toxic, specifically designed as a finishing for resin floors, commercial and residential.


Coating floors and different types of surfaces with an high glossy finish. Poliepo® GC 503 LUX addition to being easy to apply and having a good mechanical resistance to wear and tear, is possible to use it at temperatures slightly lower than regular Poliepo.


Resin Floors – Poliepo® GC 503 LUX: Self-levelling product. Mix carefully components A and B in weight ratio of 1 part of component A and 0,6 part of component B (eg: 1 kg comp. A, 0,6 kg comp B).
Slowly pour on the surface and spread with a smooth or toothed spatula. It is advisable not to use it in very wet and humid day, preferably work in the morning or early afternoon. Temperature should not be lower than 12°C.


For a thick coat the average consumption is 1,5 kg/sqm. using a smooth or thoothed spatula. Backligt to check the homogeneity and good leveling.Available packaging: (Kit A + B) 3,2 kg, 16 kg.

Poliepo GC 503 LUX Data Sheet