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Dega Brek


Resin Flooring: Transparent, odourless, solvent free, non-toxic resin.
Highly yellowing, scratch and wear resistant. Excellent resistance to cleaning with detergents. Available in both mono-component and bi-component version, either glossy and satin-finish.


To protect and coat surfaces of various kinds.
Excellent for the protection of DEGA® Line floors. Suitable for residences, shops, showroom, etc. Pleasant aesthetic finish.


Resin Floors DEGA BREK: Monocomponent: Ready to use; catalyst not requested. Mix well before use. Apply with roller, brush or spray. It is advisable to spread 2/3 coating layers with an interval of 2/3 hours.
Bicomponent: Mix components A and B well, the weight ratio is 1 part of comp. A and 0,1 part of comp. B (exemple: 1 kg comp. A, 0,1 kg component B).


Monocomponent: average consumption 0,250 kg / sqm. for two coating layers. Available packaging: 1 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg. Bicomponent: Average consumption: 0,250 kg / sqm. For two coating layers. Available packaging: (Kit A + B) 5,5 kg, 11 kg.

Scheda Tecnica Dega Brek Monocomponente
Scheda Tecnica Dega Brek Bicomponente