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Poliepo Termo


Poliepo Termo is a termo-sensitive epoxy resin that, when in contact with a natural or artificial heat source, for example a hand or sun, changes color; removing the heat source, the resin bares again its initial color.


The application field varies from floorings and coatings, to create furniture or objects with a playful or transformed soul. Another field is that of bathroom accessories, where hot water makes the surfaces coated with Poliepo Termo change colors. It can be also used in the automotive accessories field.


Mix accurately component A with component B in weight ratio of 100: 50 (ex. A= 1 Kg + B= 0,5 Kg); pour gently on the surface to be treated and allow leveling with a smooth or toothed spatula.


The consumption changes due to the thickness; average consumption 1,2 Kg./sqm
Available packaging (kit A + B) 1,5 Kg.

Poliepo Termo Data Sheet