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Poliepo Biolux


Poliepo Biolux is an epoxy resin, without solvents, non toxic, studied to release, once in darkness, the energy captured during the exposition at a source of light. The energy is transformed in a light blue or green light.


Ideal to decorate walls, interiors, and different kinds of objects; it can be applied in the construction field and in the furnishing, as well as in many different sector, e.g. advertising.


Mix comp. A with comp. B accurately in weight ratio 100:40 (ex. A=1 Kg; B=0,4 Kg); pour gently on the surface to be treated and allow leveling with a smooth or toothed spatula.


The consumption changes due to the thickness; average consumption 1,2 Kg./sqm
Available packaging (kit A + B) 1,4 Kg.

Poliepo Biolux Data Sheet