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Poliepo Biolight


Poliepo Biolight is a non-toxic and solvent-free epoxy resin. At daylight, it bares its colour that persists, with different gradations, glowing in the dark, re leasing the Energy absorbed as phosphorescent light in five colours (green, yellow, red, orange and blue).


Ideal to decorate walls, interiors, and different kinds of objects; it can be applied in the construction field and in the furnishing, as well as in many different sector, e.g. advertising.


Mix comp. A with comp. B accurately in weight ratio 100:40 (ex. A=1 Kg; B=0,4 Kg); pour gently on the surface to be treated and allow leveling with a smooth or toothed spatula.


The consumption changes due to the thickness; average consumption 1,2 Kg./sqm
Available packaging (kit A + B) 1,4 Kg.

Poliepo Biolight Data Sheet