A city of colours, sounds and emotions never seen. A fantasy world, where all cultures and forms of expression come together and dance in a whirlwind of creativity and technology. Artists, visionaries, designers, lunatics, prisoners, eternal children, indomitable utopians. This is RESINOPOLIS.
The highly innovative materials of Gobbetto Creative Resins – the best solutions for inside and outside
flooring and covering – give life to this incredible dream.
There is no set route, there are no barriers, no limits.
The future is now.

GOBBETTO, italian Company leader in the production of resin floorings, presented RESINOPOLIS on the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2009, in the prestigious setting of the Palazzo della Triennale in Milan, at the Material ConneXion space.
The exhibition, under the artistic direction of Clarissa Gobbetto, is the interpretation made by various artists, designers and common people, of Gobbetto resins.
Within this space, totem parallelepipeds, designed to create a metropolitan skyline, narrate the interpretation of the Gobbetto resins made by different personalities.
A magical place where material surfaces, amazing decorations, phantasmagorical colours, lights, videos and sounds create a fascinating city showing once again the great flexibility and the countless possible applications of the resin.
Fantasy, flexibility, technology, speed, multiculturalism, personalization, interactivity and fun: these are the transversal values expressed by the different lines of resin used for this installation.