Dega® Carpet: Outdoor paving based on binding resins mixed with sands and natural inert substances; medium thickness: 2-3 cm.
Dega Carpet, applied by suitably trained staff, has a pleasant esthetical appearance, anti-slip, resistant to atmospheric agents and has a very natural look.
Suitable to create pedestrian walkways, cycle tracks, footpaths for parks and public spaces.

The products used for its accomplishment are:

PRIMER – DEGA CARPET ( miscelato con sabbie o terre selezionate ) DEGA STABIL ( finitura protettiva ).
The new materials preduced by Gobbetto Resin Floors and based on modified resin are used for pedestrian ways, footpaths and cycle paths.
Anti-slip and ice resistant, the outdoor ecological matting does not pollute the subsoil.

Instalation instructions:

On properly compacted substratum, apply the primer to create a solid surface; Mix the aggregates with DEGA CARPET using concrete mixers; lay DEGA CARPET with screeds and trowels; apply suitable protective top coat.
N.B. The sand and the aggregates. can be supplied by the Gobbetto company or you can use local gravel and sands of different sizes.